About Us

In 2015, after developing a renewed interest in woodworking, I fell in love with live edge slabs. The uniqueness of the grain and the organic feel of the live edge mesmerized me.

Nashville had already been growing at an extremely rapid pace. My neighborhood, at the time, was on the west side of town in the West Meade neighborhood. I came across a couple of ash logs on an empty lot while on a bike ride. The owner was building a house on the lot and the ash trees had been hit with the EAB, emerald ash borer. After speaking to the owner, he gave me permission to take the logs. My very first log salvage was underway.

I discovered the magic that is vacuum kiln drying shortly after. Vacuum kilns can dry wood in a matter of days—not years like traditional drying methods—and without all of the defects associated with air-drying.

Through a lot of research and finding the right partners, I have been able to salvage, mill and dry hundreds of slabs that would have most likely gone to a burn pile.

We now:

  • Sell City Slabs, rough cut and surfaced available direct and at Good Wood Nashville.
  • Offer surfacing as a service to other woodworkers.
  • Help customers preserve trees that have to be taken down due to disease or safety reasons. We mill, dry and build finished pieces so the tree can live on.
  • Make custom finished pieces available direct and at Good Wood Nashville.
  • Sell kitchen & homegoods online and at The Kitchen Nashville.

Kind regards -
Jason Ferrell